I'm a professional freelancer in illustration, concept art,
graphic design, motion design, UI/UX design, 3D art and
game development. I also do film photography and editing.
Current projects : 
Used professionally in elderly care, the MAI test provide a quick detection of memory troubles. The application offers an easier use and a better reliability than plain paper.
with Pr. Marion Luyat, Director at unit of research PSITEC, University of Lille
and Dr. Noël Myriam, psychologist and neuroscientist.
Eye-controlled serious game
With the help of video game and eye-tracking technology, PhD student Thalia Cavadini seeks to better understand the unsuspected cognitive skills amongst children affected with multiple disabilities and theirs learning capacities.
with Pr. Edouard Gentaz, Director of SMAS, University of Geneva
VR Affordances
Virtual Reality is used in a research, conducted by Pr. Marion Luyat, to show how a biased corporeal perception of one-self is sufficient to lead to mental illness such as anorexia.
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